Running a business is demanding, requiring lots of time and skill. Business is complex, but your technology doesn’t have to be. Computers are tools to help your business run efficiently. Our certified professionals can turn your computers into the tools they were meant to be.

How much time of your time has been lost to computer-related problems?

Have your computers ever been infected with viruses or spyware?

Are you sure you can successfully restore from your backups?

We can help you address these issues and more. We ensure your technology is working for you so you can concentrate on your business.

There are many reasons why Pro-Computer Services is the best choice for your IT needs:

  • We have extensive experience in every aspect of the computer field, including consulting, remote administration, networking, and development.
  • A service-driven company, we specialize in support rather than sales. We give you prompt, honest, and efficient service in a professional manner.
  • Our managed services help prevent computer disasters. We back up your important data, perform preventive maintenance, and suggest improvements.
  • We help you plan for office computerization by providing consultation, networking services, training, and purchase recommendations.
  • We help you reduce downtime by responding to your service call in a timely manner and quickly resolving your problem.

Pro-Computer Services is different than your average IT shop.

  • We focus on advanced technologies designed for business rather than home use. One way we have demonstrated this focus is by achieving the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation.
  • In addition to managed services, we offer onsite service and maintain a close relationship with our customers.
  • We do not compete in the computer parts or merchandise market. By not maintaining a store front, our overhead is lower than that of the competition.
  • We can help any size business immediately put technology to work for them. Your goals become our goals.
  • We help you get greater value out of your current equipment, incorporating new technology as your business grows.
  • We can train you use new technology so your productivity increases as soon as possible.