What if your business got hacked over the weekend?

What would your Monday morning look like?

  • Who would you call?
  • What will you tell them?
  • Could you recover?
  • Would you even know?

When I set down with a client I ask them this question and I get the answer.

“I don’t have anything on my computers that I care if anyone sees.  Our information isn’t that important.  It’s not like my business is the government.”

Lets get one thing straight.  Your business and the information stored on it’s computers is very important!  Your business is vulnerable to attack.  Think about what information that is stored on your computers.

Credit Card Info. Social Security Numbers Proposals Invoices
Names Addresses Contact Information Procedures
Legal Information Employee Benefit Info. Various Documents Pictures/Videos/Other
Vender Information Customer Information Accounting Data Medical Information
Inventory Usernames/Passwords Info. inside Emails Business Analytic Reports

Still think your business network isn’t at risk for attack?  Maybe the initial motive is to gain control of your computers so that they may join an army of infected and compromised computers  to take down a larger target!  Perhaps a major news outlet or social network?  Or even a governmental agency!

Speaking of motives, examine the motives that threaten your business networks.  When I discuss securing access to company information with a client they respond:

“I trust people.  I trust my employees, my customers, my vendors.  No one wants to harm my business.”

Even though we like to think this utopian environment exists with our business.  It just isn’t realistic.  As a business owner yourself you know that during the course of daily business relationships change.  Customers, employees, and vendors come and go.  As these relationships evolve over time the opportunity to share proposals, customer and contact information, or proprietary procedures with competitors increase.  The motive to use the access to such sensitive information may even be to threaten your business itself!

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