Announcing support for Windows 10 and Small Business Server networks!

We are now supporting Small Business Server based networks with Windows 10 clients!

Since Windows 10’s release on July 29th, 2015 we have began working with Microsoft and other Microsoft partners to help with the adoption of the new version of Windows.  Over time we have slowly began to support Windows 10 in many of our environments.  However all environments were simply not ready for Windows 10.  The popular Windows Small Business Server was one of those environments.

Due to it’s unique changes in design Windows 10 is not generally supported on a Small Business Server network.  Key components of Small Business Server can not understand how to process a Windows 10 client for patch management, monitoring, and reporting.  This and more complex incompatibilities can cause performance issues on the network as well as a risk of loss of productivity.  For this reason we have not recommended our customers that are using any version of Small Business Server upgrade to Windows 10.  Until now that is…

After months of testing and working with Microsoft and other Microsoft partners we have documented the necessary technical steps that allow any Windows 10 computer to be joined to a Small Business Server domain and operate seamlessly with the Small Business Server components.

If you have a Small Business Server we have unique expertise unavailable anywhere else to help you adopt Windows 10 into your organization.

Call us at Pro-Computer Services (256-353-4476) and ask us about how we can help you adopt Windows 10 into your Small Business Server network.


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